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    Conveniently Located
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    Open Weekends!
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    Live Your Life Again
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    Get Back In Action
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    Affordable Care
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    Personalized Exercises
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Open Weekends!
"...He is extremely knowledgeable and great at explaining how he is addressing my needs. I am a very active person and he helps keep me healthy and doing what I want to do..."
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"Dr. Harwood listened to my concerns and treated my individual needs. I have a job that puts a lot of stress on my neck and back. After an adjustment and some stretches, I could feel instant relief. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Harwood if you are looking for a good Chiropractor, I will definitely be going back!
​                                                               - via Google
"Highly recommend Dr. Harwood! He is committed to treating patients the right way and in a professional manner. My comfort was the first priority during every visit. He provided specific adjustments to relieve my back and neck pain/discomfort. Also, he designed a personalized back and neck focused exercise plan to prevent future occurrences..."                       
                                                               - via Google

"Dr. Harwood created a comprehensive experience that was tailored to my needs. Addressing my lower back issues, his manipulations helped relieve long-standing tension and stress that got me back to living life to the fullest! Best of all, he's available on the weekend. 5-stars and will definitely be back!

                                                               - via Google

"I would highly recommend this practice! Dr. Harwood is very approachable and friendly. He listens well and gives great explanations to questions/concerns. My knee has been bothering me for some years and he gave me exercises that I can do at home. Great to give good solid advice. Very trustworthy."                   
                                                               - via Google

"Dr. Harwood is always willing to help whenever needed. He listens to your specific concerns and tries his best to make sure you are satisfied before your session is complete. Thanks, Dr. Harwood!"
​                                                               - via Google
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